Copy and Paste Multiple Attributes at Once.
Duplica allows you to sample and apply text and item attributes using multiple clipboards.
Simply choose the attributes you wish to copy and then paste them in other parts of the document in one single step.
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Copy Multiple Character and Paragraph Attributes.
With Duplica, you can select any text in your document and copy all or some of the character or paragraph attributes that are currently applied. From Font and Text Color, to Rules and Bullets and Numbers settings can be copied and then applied to other parts of the document.
But Duplica also has the ability to sample a multiple range of character and paragraph attributes. This means that you can create a sequence of grouped attributes, that will be pasted in the same order as the original sequence. For example, you can have a paragraph with its attributes that represent a title, and then a second paragraph that represents the body text. You will be able to copy in one step those multiple attributes, and then paste them at once somewhere else.
Copy and Paste Attributes  from Boxes, Pictures, and Guides.
In addition to character and paragraph attributes, Duplica also allows you to copy and paste:
Box attributes – width, height, origina down and across, angle, skew, color, shade, opacity, corner radius, frame specs, shape and bezier points, blends, suppression status and drop shadow details.
Text box attributes – number of columns, gutter width, text insets, text angle and skew, first baseline, vertical alignment, text flipping and run around sides settings.
Page and spread guide attributes – horizontal page guides, vertical page guides, horizontal spread guides and vertical spread guides.
Apply Text and Item Attributes to Multiple Boxes at Once.
Duplica allows you to paste any character, paragraph or box attribute to an entire box or to multiple boxes – including grouped boxes. When combined with the range styling capabilities, this means you can even format dozens of text boxes with only a few clicks.
Use a single text range or a sequence of text ranges.
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System Requirements
Version 6.0.1 for QuarkXPress 2015/2016
QuarkXPress 2015 or 2016; OS X 10.9 or newer; 64-bit processor

Also available for QuarkXPress 9, 8 and older.
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